As your Real Estate Agent I will provide…

1. Open and honest communication 

You need to be able to freely express how you feel about a property and showing. You should  feel comfortable sharing your finances. You need to share what your investment looks like to  you. 

2. An expert in your community of interest 

The Real Estate Agent needs to be familiar of where the green spaces are, schools, recreation centres  etc. They need to know what closing sale prices are to best negotiate.  

3. Up to date on market trends 

Your Real Estate Agent should know the averages of current interest rates. They should know any new  Government policies and the Bank of Canada announcements.  

4. A flexible schedule 

They should pick up your phone, text or email in a timely manner. They should be available to attend  open houses and schedule home viewings with you.  

5. Organized and makes a plan 

There should be filtered searches sent to you as often as you choose. They need to help set a plan of  how often you want to see homes and touch base. 

6. Confident in negotiating for you 

Your Real Estate Agent should ask why and how instead of focusing on price. They should know how to  listen to interests. They then can negotiate on more the money.  

7. Gives you a clear idea of your costs 

The Real Estate Agent needs to explain what the taxes, down payment etc are. They need to go through  what expenses come up before closing. 

8. Provides an explanation of the sales contract 

The Real Estate Agent needs to send you a Sales Contract so you know what subjects you want to  include. As well, what they mean so before signing you are not in a panic. 

9. Reviews the Title search with you

The Real Estate Agent needs to pull the title search an explain if there are builder’s liens, easements etc.  They need to explain what these items mean on your investment.  

10. Reads through the minutes 

Your Real Estate Agent should read the minutes and look for upcoming repairs. This will be an area they  can negotiate on.  

11. Attends home inspection 

The Real Estate Agent should be up to date and attend the Home Inspection. They then can utilize this  for negotiations too.  

12. Ensure the home is clean before you take possession 

They should inspect the home before closing and ensure the previous owner did a thorough clean.